Windows of Hope Handcraved Rustic Wall Mirrors (Jharokhas)


Introducing the Windows of Hope Hand Carved Rustic Wall Mirrors, also known as Jharokhas—a stunning blend of intricate craftsmanship and rustic charm. These exquisite wall mirrors are inspired by the architectural beauty of traditional Indian jharokhas, bringing a touch of cultural heritage and elegance to your living space.

Each mirror is meticulously handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. Skilled artisans pour their expertise and passion into carving intricate patterns and motifs on the wooden frames, reminiscent of the ornate windows found in ancient Indian palaces and havelis. The hand carved designs create a sense of timeless beauty, transporting you to a world of old-world charm and opulence.

The rustic finish of the mirrors adds a weathered patina, enhancing the vintage appeal of the jharokhas. The distressed textures and earthy tones of the wooden frames infuse a sense of rustic elegance, making each mirror a unique piece of art. These rustic accents is sure to add character to your walls and bring warmth to your living space.

H 102 x W 40 x D 4

Teak Wood

A little love goes a long way!

• Dust regularly and avoid placing this beauty in direct sunlight — UV rays can cause fading and damage.

• Spills happen but be quick to remedy them. Use a soft, dry cloth to absorb liquids immediately.

• Choose your cleaning materials wisely. Don’t use abrasives, caustic cleaners, waxes, and polishes on the bone inlay surfaces.

• Ensure that the piece does not have any exposure to moisture and water to maintain its original quality.

• Keep sharp objects away from your furniture to avoid cuts and scratches.