Block Print Tile Reclaimed Wood Slim Cabinet


Introducing the exceptional Reclaimed Wooden Block Printing Tile Slim Cabinet, a fusion of rustic charm and contemporary design. This extraordinary piece of furniture seamlessly combines the artistry of traditional block printing with the elegance of reclaimed wood, resulting in a unique and visually stunning cabinet that will elevate any living space. This is for anyone who wants a tall cabinet but does not have enough space for a big one! It's sleek but very functional. Featuring eclectic design with reclaimed solid wood in rustic finish and recycled block printing tiles (Block printing is some of the earliest printing techniques done tiles since the 1750s using a block of wood). 

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Cabinet showcases the timeless beauty of traditional Indian craftsmanship. The front panels feature intricately hand-carved wooden blocks, each one meticulously carved and pressed onto the surface, creating a mesmerizing pattern that tells a story of cultural heritage. These beautiful block prints, inspired by ancient textile traditions, add a touch of artistic flair and bring a sense of history and craftsmanship into your home.

Inside the cabinet, you'll find ample storage space for your belongings. The shelves provide practical organization options, allowing you to store and display a variety of items such as books, collectibles, or even a curated bar setup. The sleek design ensures that the focus remains on the exquisite block printing tiles, making it an eye-catching statement piece in any room. By choosing this Cabinet, you not only acquire a functional storage solution but also contribute to sustainable practices and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship. The use of reclaimed wood reduces environmental impact, while the support for block printing artisans helps sustain their time-honored techniques and livelihoods.


H 150 x W 50 x D 40

• Materials Used- Reclaimed Wood & Block printing wooden tiles.
• Colour & Finish- Natural Rustic
• No Assembly Required
• 5 Years Limited Warranty (On Defects)
• Disclaimer: Handmade products can vary and carry slight imperfections. These irregularities are intrinsic to the process of making products by hand and add to the item's appeal. The products may have slight variances like shape/size/weight, pinholes, pits, antique stains, or soldering marks. These are acceptable hallmarks of handmade products. We suggest treating all decorative handmade products with care.

Keep your furniture piece in the family by following these tips:

• Dust regularly and avoid placing this beauty in direct sunlight — UV rays can cause fading and damage.
• Spills happen but be quick to remedy them. Use a soft, dry cloth to absorb liquids immediately.
• Choose your cleaning materials wisely. Don’t use abrasives, caustic cleaners, waxes, and polishes on the bone inlay surfaces.
• Use mats and coasters before keeping any hot or cold items on the wooden surface.
• Ensure that the furniture does not have any exposure to moisture and water to maintain its original quality.
• Keep sharp objects away from your furniture to avoid cuts and scratches.
• Don't drag the furniture to relocate it, as this might weaken the joints. Instead, lift the wooden furniture to move it.