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Coffee Table Styling 101: Tips and Tricks to Elevate Your Living Room

Coffee Table Styling 101: Tips and Tricks to Elevate Your Living Room

A coffee table is an essential piece of furniture for any home, and finding the perfect one can be a challenge. If you're looking for a designer coffee table in Singapore, you're in luck as Rooh for Spaces offers a wide selection of coffee tables which can be customized to your heart’s desire.
To master the art of coffee table styling, you need to understand the philosophy behind it. It's about creating a balance between form and function, aesthetic,  practicality and correct size proportion to your seating space.  It's about adding a touch of elegance to your living space without compromising its usability. And, most importantly, it's about expressing yourself through your choices.
So, let's dive into the world of coffee table styling and explore some tips to help you turn your coffee table into a statement piece.
  • Clear the Clutter
Cleanliness is next to godliness, and this applies to your coffee table too. Marie Kondo’s art of decluttering is not only life-changing, it’s also a way to maintain the style of your loved and most lived spaces.  Start by clearing out any clutter and wiping down the surface. A clean canvas is essential for creating a beautiful display. Once you've got a clean slate, you can start layering. 
Layering is a great way to add chasm and proportions to your coffee table display. Start by placing a tray or a decorative bowl at the center of the table. Then, layer smaller objects around it, such as books, candles, and small plants. You can also choose from a variety of handmade decor pieces available at Rooh for Spaces.
  • Flawless Harmony
Another way to create a sophisticated coffee table is to play with colours. Consider the colour palette of your living space and choose objects that complement it. For example, if your living room has an Island living vibe, you can use decor pieces inspired by the ocean like Rooh for Spaces’s mother of pearl trays & boxes, seashells, corals, and other coastal decor pieces on your coffee table.
You can also create a monochromatic look by sticking to a single-color family or add a pop of color by using a contrasting hue.
Don’t forget about what else is happening in the room. Keep in mind that creating a balance between what you already have around you in the space; try to make this surface feel cohesive with what else is sharing the space. But don’t be afraid to mix and match – color blocking and a play on textures goes a long way!
  • Elevate Your Decor
Remember the rule of balance while choosing decor pieces in Highs and lows. When all items are at the same eye level, nothing gets noticed. Varying the height and dimension of your coffee table decor will make it more visually interesting. For instance, a tall vase or a candlestick can add height, while a stack of books or a small plant can add volume. Mixing and matching different materials, such as metal, glass, and wood can create a visually interesting display.
Our Bone Inlay and MOP Tray decor sets of 4 pieces inclusive of the vase, tray, candle stand & small box for handy mints or candies is a perfect example of balance and can end your search in one go for the flawless coffee table styling.
  • Organize with Style
Decorative trays are a great way to corral smaller items and keep them organized. They also add a pop of colour or texture to your coffee table. You can use trays to group items together, such as candles, coasters, or a small plant.
  • Texture Mixology
Mixing and matching textures and materials will add depth and interest to your coffee table display. For example, you can pair a wooden tray with a metallic vase, or a woven basket with a ceramic bowl. This will create a layered and eclectic look.
If you have a small living space, consider using a coffee table with built-in storage, such as drawers or shelves. This can help you maximize space and reduce clutter. Alternatively, if you have a large living space, consider using multiple coffee tables of different shapes and sizes to create a visually appealing arrangement.
  • Green is the New Black
Adding a touch of greenery to your coffee table display will bring life and freshness to the space. You can use a small potted plant, a vase of flowers, or even a succulent. Just make sure to choose a plant that fits the scale of your coffee table.
  • Personalized Perfection
Incorporating personal touches, such as family photos or sentimental items, will make your coffee table display feel more personal and unique. Just be careful not to overcrowd the space or make it too cluttered. Examine Every Angle
When selecting coffee table items, consider how they will look from multiple vantage points. Picture frames, for instance, only offer one good angle and are better suited for the bookcase or consoles.
  • Play with Proportions
Playing with proportions is another way to create a visually interesting coffee table display. For example, you can pair a large vase with a small trinket dish, or a tall candlestick with a short plant. This will add a playful element to the display.
This sounds repetitive
  • Keep it Simple
Remember, less is often more when it comes to coffee table styling. Don’t overcrowd the space or make it too busy. Instead, choose a few key items that complement each other and the rest of your decor.
  • Mix and Match to your Heart’s Delight
Lastly, have fun with your coffee table styling! This is a chance to showcase your creativity and personality. Coffee tables inevitably become a conversation starter, so make yours do the work for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and arrangements until you find the one that works for you.
Don't be afraid to switch things up. Your coffee table display is not set in stone. You can change it up depending on the season, during festivities or your mood. The key is to have fun with the styling process and create a coffee table that truly reflects your personality and style.
To take your styling game to the next level, head over to to shop our extensive collection of coffee tables and stunning coffee table decor elements. Our handcrafted pieces are designed to elevate any space, providing a perfect mix of functionality and style. 
A well-styled coffee table is a perfect way to add personality and charm to your living space. From intricately carved wooden trays to beautifully crafted candle holders and decorative objects, our unique selection of coffee table decor will add a touch of sophistication and charm to your living space. Shop now and create a coffee table that reflects your style and elevates the look and feel of your home!
By following the tips in this article, you can transform your coffee table into a statement piece that not only serves its functional purpose but also adds a touch of sophistication to your home decor. You can create a coffee table that is as unique and stylish as you are!

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