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Celebrating the ‘Rooh’ of Singapore

Celebrating the ‘Rooh’ of Singapore

Where Cosmopolitan Designs Embrace Vibrant Aesthetics

As Singaporeans prepare to celebrate the upcoming National Day on August 9, the spirit of unity and diversity fills the air. Singapore, renowned as a melting pot of cultures, art, and experiences, serves as a boundless source of inspiration.  The city's strategic location in Southeast Asia has facilitated its role as a gateway to different cultures, allowing it to draw inspiration from the rich heritage of Asia and beyond. In recent years, the city-state has witnessed a surge in innovative and creative industries, attracting talented designers, architects, and artists from diverse backgrounds.

The highly-supportive government and other institutions have also played a crucial role in nurturing the creative ecosystem by supporting the arts and design communities, fostering collaborations, and providing platforms for emerging talents to showcase their work. Moreover, the residents’ appreciation for art and design as an integral part of their lifestyle has fueled a demand for unique, handcrafted, and artisanal products. This preference for bespoke and personalised pieces has led to the rise of local designers and boutique stores that offer exclusive and distinctive home decor solutions. Rooh for Spaces, a visionary home decor brand, finds its roots in this dynamic city, drawing from the best of Asian designs and curating collections that resonate with the cosmopolitan nature of this city. Let's delve into the heart of the brand, exploring how its founder, Sugandha Virmani, embarked on this creative journey to bring soulful and vibrant aesthetics to every home.

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A Melting Pot of Asian Designs

Singapore's cultural diversity is truly remarkable, bringing together people from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and walks of life. This melting pot culture nurtures an environment of innovation and artistic expression, making the city a captivating hub for design enthusiasts. Rooh for Spaces takes inspiration from this rich diversity, infusing its collections with elements that reflect the essence of different Asian cultures. From intricately handcrafted wooden furniture Singapore to vibrant home decor, we embrace the beauty of Asian artistry, creating a tapestry of designs that finds resonance in Singaporean homes. Unrestricted by cultural boundaries, we curate collections that are universally appealing, transcending geographical limitations. Our brand meticulously selects pieces that resonate with diverse tastes, enabling customers to create spaces that authentically mirror their unique personalities. Each product carries the essence of Asian art, telling stories of creativity and cultural fusion.

Bringing the Best of Asia to Your Homes

Sugandha Virmani, the driving force behind the brand, is a dynamic visionary and the soul behind our brand's captivating designs. With a profound passion for art and design since childhood, Sugandha's journey as an interior designer and stylist commenced in 2013. Her love for vibrant aesthetics and extensive travels across Asia has gifted her with a rich tapestry of experiences, which she skilfully weaves into our Singapore home decor collections. Rooh for Spaces became her canvas to showcase her life's experiences and curate playful and vibrant interiors and outdoor spaces. We have embarked on a mission to curate designs that embody the artistic spirit and cultural richness of Asia. Each piece in our collection of modern classic furniture Singapore is handpicked to reflect the region's diverse heritage and timeless craftsmanship. From the intricate bone inlay creations inspired by Indian artistry to the elegant ceramic dinnerware reminiscent of East Asian traditions, every product tells a story of its origin and carries a piece of Asia's soul.

Our founder’s recent sojourn to Japan was a transformative experience that further fueled our dedication to bringing the best of Asia to your homes. Japan's artistic heritage, with its reverence for nature, minimalism, and attention to detail, left a lasting impression on Sugandha. As a result, our range of luxury home decor Singapore is expected to feature pieces influenced by the serene and understated elegance that is characteristic of Japanese design. By infusing Japanese aesthetics into her creations, Sugandha aims to capture the essence of a culture that deeply appreciates the beauty of imperfection and the harmony between nature and art. The serenity of Japanese gardens, the delicate art of origami, and the tranquil charm of traditional tea ceremonies will all contribute to making our collection even more eclectic than before!

Moreover, we continue our exploration of other Asian landscapes, seeking inspiration from the captivating cultural nuances of different countries. Our brand is committed to curating an eclectic collection that represents the beauty and diversity of Asia's artistic heritage. From the rich colours of Southeast Asian textiles to the intricate patterns of Middle Eastern craftsmanship, we aim to bring a tapestry of cultures to Singaporean homes. Through a commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, we ensure that each piece in our solid wood furniture Singapore collection is crafted responsibly and with utmost care for the environment. Supporting local artisans and preserving traditional craftsmanship lies at the heart of our mission. As the National Day comes closer, we invite everyone to embrace Rooh's vision of harmonious living and let your home reflect the beauty and stories of Asia, as you create spaces that are a true reflection of your unique identity and experiences.

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Personalising your spaces with Rooh

Just as Singapore embraces diversity, we acknowledge that every individual's tastes and preferences are unique. By offering tailored modern classic furniture Singapore, we empower customers to create living spaces that genuinely reflect their personal styles and stories. The vast customization options allow customers to add a touch of nostalgia through handcrafted furniture, incorporate exquisite ceramics into their dining experiences, or transform living spaces with wooden furniture Singapore. This ability to personalise spaces fosters a profound connection, enabling customers to imprint their memories and emotions into the very fabric of their living spaces. This highly personalised home decor experience is curated for all connoisseurs of art in this city, enabling you to bring your unique perspective to life in your home. We extend a warm invitation to you to come explore our showroom, and meet our team for a styling consultation this August!

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