Solulu Rustic and Marble Small Side Table


Introducing the Solulu Rustic And Marble Small Side Table – a boho-chic masterpiece that transcends conventional design. Crafted from Reclaimed Teak Wood, a Midnight Blue MS Electroplated Base, and adorned with Carrara White Marble, this small table is a harmonious blend of natural and industrial elements.

The off-bone white marble top becomes a canvas for sophistication and charm, defining the essence of boho-chic living. This side table is more than furniture; it's a design statement, seamlessly integrating into the landscape of modern furniture in Singapore.

Energize your space with this small side table, where every curve and hue tells a story of contemporary design and boho-chic allure. Showcased at the showroom of one of the most prominent Singapore furniture online players, let this table redefine the art of coffee and side tables in your home.

Side Table Size : L 30 x W 30 x H 43

• Materials Used- Reclaimed Teak Wood, MS Electroplated Base & Carrara White Marble
• Colour & Finish- Midnight Blue & Off bone white
• Assembly Required
• 5 Years Limited Warranty (On Defects)
• Disclaimer: Handmade products can vary and carry small imperfections. These irregularities are intrinsic to the process of making products by hand and adds to the item's appeal. There may be slight variances in the products like shape/size/weight, even pin holes or pits or antique stains or soldering marks. These are acceptable hallmarks of handmade products. We suggest treating all decorative handmade products with care.

Keep your furniture piece in the family by following these tips:

• Dust regularly and avoid placing this beauty in direct sunlight — UV rays can cause fading and damage.
• Spills happen but be quick to remedy them. Use a soft, dry cloth to absorb liquids immediately.
• Choose your cleaning materials wisely. Don’t use abrasives, caustic cleaners, waxes, and polishes on the surfaces.
• Use mats and coasters before keeping any hot or cold items on the surface.
• Ensure that the furniture does not have any exposure to moisture and water to maintain its original quality.
• Keep sharp objects away from your furniture to avoid cuts and scratches.
• Don't drag the furniture to relocate it, as this might weaken the joints. Instead, lift the furniture to move it.
•Depending on the finish of your furniture, consider using a high-quality furniture polish or wax once a year to enhance its luster. Follow product instructions for application and frequency.